August 8, 2011, Roundhouse Exhibition Hall.

Founded by Elaine Miller and Afuwa Granger, Queerotica continues under the chimerical curatorship of writer/performer Amber Dawn. Ten local authors traverse not only the wide breadth of queer sex, desire and identities, but also explore how different literary genres and modes of storytelling all make fine bedmates for erotica.

From the pop-underground songwriting of up-and-comer Leroy Wan to the archival (circa 1970s) counter-cultural journalism of Kevin Dale McKeown to the strange and magical sensuality of novelist Hiromi Goto, Queerotica offers a robust and racy line-up.

Readings by: Hiromi Goto, Elaine Miller, Amber Dawn, Afuwa Granger, Sigal Samuel, C. E. Gatchalian, Marco Soriano, Kevin Dale McKeown, Leroy Wan and Daniel Zomparelli