March 13 – 15 at UBC

I’m presenting on the Saturday afternoon panel with Michael Sakamoto, David Khang, Jayce Salloum and Manuel Piña, moderated by Alessandra Santos.

There’s tons of awesome performances and talks, all free and open to the public — check out the full conference program.  

Performing Utopias is organised by Alessandra Santos and Kim Beauchesne of UBC’s French, Hispanic and Italian Studies department with assistance from Gabriela Badica.

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Utopia may be described as an ideal community, or as an imagined ideal
society. In different world locations, utopias have historically generated
practical projects that strived for a better common life.

The goal of the Performing Utopias conference is to bring together students, scholars, artists, organizers, and other members of the community at large to reflect and envision practical possibilities for improving society. We will also address utopias counterpoint: dystopias.

One of the questions the conference poses to its participants is: how to
imagine local utopias that resonate globally? The conference is an invitation to re-think multi-disciplinary, local and international contexts, and to ask important questions about cultural, social and environmental issues.

Conference events will consist of workshops, presentations, discussions,
performances, and artistic interventions. Through the conference’s activities, we aim to create an opportunity for dialogue, exchange, and networking possibilities among a diverse and international group of research and community sectors.